Choosing to start part 1

To everything in our world there must be a beginning. A friend of mine challenged me recently to start a blog. To say this is out of my comfort zone is pretty accurate.

From where I stand it seems that a blog is a series of decisions to be made. The decision to begin and there after to continue. Even stopping is a choice.

However we wish to go, a commitment is being made. Go forward and grow or stay still and collect dust. Personally I have enough dust already, lol. And admittedly I do enjoy studying my Bible and sharing with my friends what I have learned. So with that in mind have decided to start a blog with for the purpose of sharing those things that the Lord has shared with me.

Recently I was reading in the Bible, specifically in the book of Ecclesiastes 1:17 (and preached my final sermon of 2014 from there as well). It struck me that Solomon stated that he “gave my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly…” In this portion of the verse is two decisions that caught my attention.

(My pastor has taught me the value of doing word studies. The reason being that the meaning of words has changed over the years. It is not a matter of just grabbing a dictionary and calling it a day. And I used to be guilty of doing just that. But I had to make a choice either to go with what I know and be incomplete or start truly studying and grow in the Lord.)

There are two words grouped together that I saw in the first verse that stuck out “madness and folly”. Normally we would think “madness” is someone who is crazy and that “folly” meant silliness. But that is in today’s understanding. When we look up these words we find it a little different. Madness is insanity and more precisely senseless. Folly means foolish practice, often a costly and unwise undertaking; also it is a obsolete word for wickedness (sin).

Isn’t that just like sin to re-brand itself. It is not even a matter of renaming, if you do that it is still the same thing. However, by re-branding the name and appearance changes. For example it wasn’t that long ago that a woman would be scandalous if you could see her ankles. And today; well, this is the modern times go ahead and show as much skin as you want. Never mind how you might be tempting people to sin in some way. (Yes I still call sin, sin and will preach on it too).

This is just one of the many, many things that fall under the category of folly/wickedness. And as we read through the book of Ecclesiastes we find Solomon engaged himself in chasing after everything that he thought would bring him pleasure for the sake of pleasure.

But pleasure for the sake of pleasure pushes God out of our lives. Because we are trying to fill ourselves with everything else. And when we come to the point in time where we have no more room in our lives to store all of this stuff that used to bring us pleasure we start to put it in storage instead of getting rid of it. Solomon did that too with all his building projects, all his wives (700 of them) and even money. We are told that he made silver as stones in Jerusalem (1 Kings 10:12). What that did was devalue the money. The more sin we bring into our lives the more we devalue it and thus we have to have even more in order to make up for it’s worthlessness.


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3 thoughts on “Choosing to start part 1

  1. My dear friend I am very proud of you, you have come a long way. Keep up the good work spreading/teaching the good Lords word. I like the title of the blog too. Have a blessed day!


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