Coming to grips with serving His way

On my way home from a group meeting at church I began to think about something that had been said during the meeting. That with all the negative things that had happened last year they were looking forward to seeing what the Lord would do this year.

For me, I already knew what a small part of that wondrous thing is going to be. But just a small part mind you. With all that is going to have to happen for the larger picture to come together I know it is going to have to be the hand of the Lord.

And as I was driving I began to think about Saul of Tarsus. The Lord was getting ready to do something big in his life, now he thought he knew what God had wanted him to do. He had the pedigree (Philippians 3:5,6) and had indeed been active for the longest in the pursuit of his belief not realizing he wasn’t actually doing what he was meant to do.

When he was coming down the road to Damascus (Acts 9:1-6) he came face to face with Jesus and the turning point in his life. While he had been serving God it had not been God’s way at all. And Jesus told him so. It seems Saul had been under conviction for awhile but was to stubborn to listen. So Jesus had to get his attention.

Now Jesus didn’t spell everything out for him then and there. He just gave him enough light to take the next step. And if we were to be honest getting just enough light to see the next step is incredibly frustrating. It would be so much easier if we just were told everything up front. I’m sure Saul would have felt the same way. But when confronted by Jesus Saul called him Lord and asked what he was to do. In so doing God began to make a change in him that led to a new name, a whole new career in preaching and writing, and a lifetime of lessons. None of which was possible till he came to grips with the fact that he had to start serving God His way.

As for me, I thought for the longest I was heading in one direction in my service for the Lord. It may still be that way some day. I had figured when I was younger that I would be a pastor some day. Not so much, but I do have a little flock at a local nursing home the Lord has blessed me with.

But the big change, the part I had to most recently come to grips with in how I go about serving Jesus came last year. Actually it had started some time before that but I pushed it to the side because I figured it was just me. It wasn’t; God was trying to give me some new orders but I wasn’t having any part of it. Finally he set me down one day, and I got the hint that it was time for me to surrender to this new calling. And I began to work on it. I had come to grips with how He wanted me to serve Him.

This new project is not complete yet, but it is getting there. And this blog is a portion of it. You see this morning at church I made the official announcement of my first book! It is tentatively titled, Suicide: the Bible and today. My pastor is currently reviewing it and I have been in contact with Xulon Press for the publishing part.

The book looks at the suicides that are found in the Bible and using the text I try to connect what type of suicide the person was, how we can better understand what is going on, and how we can possibly help someone in that condition.

I am asking that everyone who reads these blogs to please share them on your facebook page so that I can get more name recognition. I am not trying to become famous but once the book is available to purchase I want people to go and get it so they can get some help or be a help to someone else. And if someone sees a name they recognize the chances of them buying a book attached to a name they know improves. All of this is out of my comfort zone but it is what I believe God would have me to do to serve him.

Thank you.


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