Faith: Stand on it!

I was just thinking about faith and Moses. My pastor brought out in a recent sermon that when Moses told the people to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, he was telling them basically to stand on it. Stand on that God honoring faith. James tells us to show our faith by our works (James 2:18b “shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works”). Faith that is in action and based on God and what He has said in His word, He will honor.

When Peter stepped out of the boat, God honored his faith (Mark 14:28,29). The time Elijah called down fire to consume the sacrifice God honored his faith (1 Kings 18:30-38). That you did something that you could only explain as ‘God did it’, faith was being honored. Maybe it wasn’t your faith but it was someone’s faith. The Israelites really weren’t acting in faith that day but Moses was (Exodus 14:13). For me the day I came back to church after having been out of God’s will for so many years wasn’t my faith; it was my mother’s faith. She had been praying and requesting prayer for her son who had gotten away from the Lord. God honored her faith in Him. It took nearly 10 years but she stood on it.

I would ask you this, just as I have ask myself; what is God wanting you to do that you know you need to do? For me, here of late anyway, it was to write a book. The subject was not an easy one, nor a popular one (suicide); but it is one that we all must deal with at some point to some degree in our lives. I believe this is why God had me to work on it. Not that I am special but I do admit I tend to look at things differently and I like to go down the roads less traveled in the Bible for my sermons.

Still there is a need for us to look at this subject. For eight months I was studying and writing on this subject. It was by no means easy to do. Personally I compared my time to the prophet Ezekiel. Not that I am in his league, but that like him I gained the vantage point to help his people by going through the long dark valley. If my research can be used to save time which in turn helps save a life it is well worth it. We need to stand on faith in Christ.


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