Witnessing as You Can

The great commission was given by Jesus to go and preach the gospel. We may not win every soul to the Lord that we witness too, but we are to try. In Acts 1:8 Jesus said, “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” Here Jesus tells us where we are to be witnesses for him.

He starts off in Jerusalem, but that doesn’t mean we are to go travel to Jerusalem (nor Judaea or Samaria either) physically speaking. These places are types that we are to incorporate into our personal lives. Jerusalem is our home, where we live. Judaea is our friends, family, and neighbors. Samaria is where we work, the store, and the places we hang out. And the uttermost part of the earth is to be anywhere else we can reach.

The last one typically includes missionaries. Those families that have surrendered to God’s plan for them to go to different places and preach the gospel that may not have even heard of Jesus. Some go in support of pastors and other missionaries who are already working in that area. One missionary family my church supports actually calls our church their home. Billy Sampson (no relations) and his family are missionaries to the missionaries. Last year traveling back and forth across the country they saw 85 people saved and logged over 50,000 miles on the road. Why? Because they are witnessing for the Lord as they can, as He has called them to do. They have spent time in revivals, home comings, camp meetings, VBS, and Christmas concerts all so they can tell others about Christ.

At my home church of Sonrise Baptist we have different groups for the various ages of children, a nursery so parents can sit and listen to the sermons in peace and quite, groups for the adults so they can interact with people their own age, (lol), a couple of nursing home ministries because God has not forgotten those fine folks, and and audio/video ministry. Our A/V ministry is growing. Through it and the internet the Lord has allowed our little church located in Gary Indiana to reach all 50 states and over 100 foreign countries and territories via sermonaudio.com and sundaystreams.com/go/thesonrisechurch. Through sundaystreams our full services are broadcasted live and can also be watched later. People can email us prayer requests so that we can come along side and pray with them. And people who have had to have their services canceled due to poor weather have had an opportunity granted them to still enjoy a church service in real time. And through sermonaudio our sermons (whether recorded at Sonrise or at one of the nursing homes) are recorded and can be played back or downloaded and distributed. This last one works great for those who want to listen to good preaching while driving. And both of these services are free for people to use.

Very soon though we are going to be making our A/V ministry into a Media ministry. By that I mean we will be adding a third branch to it with publishing of our first book. The book I am referring to is my forthcoming book tentatively titled Suicide: the Bible and today. This book looks at the different suicides that occurred in the Bible and pares them with our modern understanding of suicide and seeks to help us understand how we can help someone who is in that predicament.

Part of the reason for these blogs has been to help people learn more about the Bible and part of the reason is to build up some name recognition for me for when the book does finally come out later this year. I am going the self-publishing route with this book which costs quite a bit of money (at least quite a bit to me anyway) so I am humbling asking that if anyone would like to help support this book if you would prayerfully consider donating. No amount is too small, remember God sees the 2 mites (Mark 12:42-44) and I truly believe that God will honor and bless any giving. If you say all I can do is pray for you and the money, let me tell you this all prayer is needed and desired, and thus is not a matter of “all I can do” because it is ministering how you can!

If you would like to donate please go to this address



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