Jacob blessing Pharoah

Genesis 47:7 “And Joseph brought in Jacob his father, and set him before Pharaoh: and Jacob blessed Pharoah.”  So here is Jacob, in the twilight  of his years, and he has moved into Egypt where he will spend the remained of his days living for the mean time off the stores of Egypt. One would expect him to say thank you to the great Pharoah, or to refer to himself as Pharaohs servant. But he doesn’t.  Not once does he call himself the servant of Pharoah nor thank Pharoah for keeping him and his family alive.

What we do see is Jacob blesses Pharoah. The greater always blesses the lesser. Jacob  was a child of God.  As such he was no servant to Pharoah; who by the way represented the world. We are not  to be the servants of this world.  God has us living here and we are to be blessings to this world.  Not to make them rich, prosperous, famous, or any such short sighted thing. But blessings to this world as that we lead them to Christ.

As far as gratitude goes we owe it all to God. He has supplied us with the job, money, food, clothes, and what not. While it is good to be polite we need to understand where the true source of our blessings come from, Philippians 4:6.

Also please note that Jacob makes no request of Pharoah for where to live. Back in v1 Joseph had already moved them in where they were to stay. And Joseph is a type of Jesus. Pharoah came out in v6 and told Joseph  to move his family in there but God had already taken care of that. This world may think itis benefiting us but only because our Father  had already gave commandment to do such.

Now it was not a matter of just kicking back and having the easy life.  Pharoah did  put Joseph’s brothers to work making an honest living. (This is years before their enslavement). God wants all of us to make an honest living. Things  may happen along the way but God will still be watching over us.

While Joseph was doing his duty, wheeling and dealing, he was making sure his family was taken care of. By the way once  Israel was delivered from bondage in Egypt they were commanded to spoil the Egyptians, move out, and finally build a tabernacle with all the fixings. They were able to make the tabernacle, all the holy furniture, and garments for the priests because of the wheeling and dealing Joseph had done. All the goods  were  gatherers basically left in trust for the people. Payment for what  they had gone through that allowed them to have a fresh start later on. Even in times  of trouble and distress God is still looking out for us in both the present and future.  We may not get millions of dollars but we will get what we need if we  stay faithful to him.


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