Making a Book

Ecclesiastes 12:12 “And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.”

I was thinking today, now that my first manuscript has been sent off to the publisher, a few things. First is that the easy part in the process is over with. All of the studying, long hours writing, and getting it checked to make sure that doctrinally I am correct is now done. The hard part that remains is the the need to continue to raise the funds to get the book printed, getting my name out there to generate interest in the finished product, and all the slicing and dicing that the publisher is going to do to the book. As horrible as that last part sounds I know it is for the betterment of the book. This all truly is ‘weariness of the flesh’.

Secondly, thus far I must confess that I would love to write another one. Obviously not too soon; this one isn’t even ready yet. And if I were to go about the process again I would like to either have the funds in advance or perhaps go a different route. That phrase in the text verse above sticks out here, “of making many books there is no end”. Solomon wasn’t trying to warn against writing books but perhaps that it can be a ‘bug’ that one gets. A seed may begin to grow, perhaps into a calling or ministry.

Thirdly, while at the moment I have no honest idea what I might would use as a subject for another book, the thought of having to do “much study” or more studying doesn’t bother me. Which if you knew me growing up then you would know that for years I hated reading. I hated English classes with a passion. And after I answered the call to preach I wanted to study good, solid Bible teaching books but no one could tell me who the safe authors were to read.

From the beginning of this project I wanted to make sure that if this material really did turn into a book that it would be scripturally sound; that I would be a writer that others could trust. When it came time to begin to look at publishing I asked my Pastor, Clemon Chappell, to read it. He gave me some sound advice on some corrections in my approach. I also sought out a former pastor of mine, Gene Taylor, to review it as well. He had to expend a great deal of time and patience with me, but I believe it was well worth it. Another pastor friend of mine, Bill Paceley, gave me great encouragement with his review. And the Lord blessed me with a sounding-board in our Youth Pastor, Brett Clayton. He as instrumental in giving me an ear to bend when I needed to blow off some steam. Of course there is my wife Helene whose support has been excellent, especially in this recent stretch of working with Xulon Publishing. My friend Pastor David Sampson gave me great advice about starting this blog to build up name recognition and to show my readers what I am about.

Why add all those names here? Because Solomon was writing to his son. He was teaching him, not just in words but in action by his very presence. He wanted to come along side his boy and help him to mature. What he was doing was encouraging his son. And Solomon was looking to pass on all the knowledge that he could. The thing about knowledge is is that if it is not shared it dies with us.

I want to help others, be an encouragement, and give support to others. Will I always succeed, no. Do I need to try, yes. Doing so is a decision that must be made.


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