Redeeming the Time

I have been on my bread route for over 13 years now. While I still don’t know everything about the areas I cover I know my stops and I know my times to make the deliveries to them. When a new stop gets added it doesn’t take much to figure out where it goes in the order; just give me a time I can make them and a key if possible and we are off.

One thing I have found truly amazing though is what happens after a stop closes. The stops that were made after that particular one generally move up in line. Occasionally because of a time window a stop might get moved around a little bit, no big deal there. It is after I have made the changes and been at it a little while that it happens. I get so used to the new way that I can’t fathom how I had been able to do it before with that stop that closed. Time plays tricks on the mind; and all I can see is that if I had to put the stop back in to my route order I would lose what feels like an hour now to do it.

It is a matter of getting comfortable. Those little changes that seem so insignificant really do add up in our lives. After a while I can’t see the old way anymore; it has become foreign to me.

Ephesians 5:16 “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” Perhaps we as Christians get too comfortable with the little changes that enter our lives. Miss one mid-week service and it becomes a little bit easier to justify misses another one. Didn’t take the time to start the day off with your Bible reading, that’s okay you’ll get it later; but you don’t have time later either. How about those times when the Lord lays something on your heart to do but you just can’t squeeze it in at the moment. Trust me I have gone through all of this and failed miserably; so I ain’t judging nobody.

We let the little things add up in our lives. Allow for a shifting of our time and priorities. Next thing we know the day is spent.

Yet the Bible commands us to redeem the time. To redeem means to buy back, pay off, recover, exchange, to discharge, to make up for. And in this verse the Strong’s Concordance says the word means to buy up, ransom, to rescue from loss.

How much have we put off till tomorrow what should be done today? Who can we possibly have helped but were too busy being about our own business and not the Fathers (Luke 2:49)? Is there someone we could have encouraged with a simply pleasant word or dropped a greeting card in the mail for?

This isn’t as deep as this verse deserves for us to go; but let’s do what we can.


Strong’s Concordance


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