The Pothole in Our Way

Someone once said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I think it depends on the picture. Take for example a picture of a pothole that has been filled in. What could possibly be the take away from it? Knowing that it has now been filled people don’t have to worry about hitting it with their car. Those who don’t know it has been filled in will but know it is there will take their time to drive around it and perhaps notice it has been taken care of finally.

Some people when they look at the picture will only see the different color in the asphalt. A good number of people will question why is the picture even there. How many will even be curious enough to try and understand the significance of it?

As I sit here thinking about this pothole that I saw today that had been finally filled up after a couple of years I must confess I am wondering about it as well. It has stuck out in my mind and one of the few things I have learned in this life is that when something sticks out God is trying to teach me something through it.

I have joked about this pothole on Facebook about it being so big that it had started swallowing up cars. This was based on someone putting a toy car that was about a foot long into the hole. There were a few comments made about it. And a couple of people wanted to know where it was located so they could avoid it.

What if I told you though that that pothole was in your life? That it was something that God wants you to do. But you and I for that matter have seen how scary and possibly how dangerous it could be so we have driven around it. Maybe going blocks out of our way to avoid it, yet everyday we come back to the same place and find it is still that way (perhaps it has even grown some).

We can try to fill it with garbage, such as that toy car, or other trash like T.V., worry, pet projects, etc. Maybe we fill it with reasonable filler material such as family, work, or good intentions and just like throwing gravel in the pothole it might do the job for a while but eventually it all gets washed out.

It might even seem like we have filled it in with water. You know how the rain or snow fills in those potholes. But the sun will come out and evaporation takes place. Other cars come through and splash some water out. Slowly the hole is revealed yet again. Spiritually speaking that water is our tears, calling on God to do something about it. But if He is calling you to do something there comes a point in time when we have to stop praying and get busy. Now I mean stop praying in the sense that we know what God wants so stop praying for Him to show us what He wants. When I first answered the call to preach I had known for six months what He wanted but I kept asking for direction, was I thinking right, ans was God really sure that was what He wanted.

Last year I had started the year off with some great ideas on how I might get to serve the Lord, let me just say it was all just filler. A bunch of good intentions but nothing that at the moment that would work out. God wanted me to get working on that book. There was a pothole in my road of life that I had been trying to avoid for nearly 4 years and I finally came to the place that I had to work on filling it in correctly. To this very day I am still working on filling it in correctly (the book is in the editing process and I am stilling gather the funds to print it). But the hole in my road is being filled in. And once it is properly filled in who knows where it leads. Yes I know it will lead to heaven but down here what possibilities will God present to me once this whole is filled and I am able to move forward instead of spinning my wheels?

Yeah the filled in pothole may not be quite what we think it should be but done God’s way it will be perfect, well pleasing to Him, and will move us along in step with God.

Is there something that God wants you to be doing?

Do you feel like there is something you should be doing but don’t know what it could be? Pray about it, seek His will, and once you know go for it. Don’t waste precious time just sitting there I have done.

(And for the record this picture was worth less than a 900 hundreds)


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