My Construction Zone

In Philippians 2:12 we read these words “…work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” So did Paul just tell us that works can save us? NO.  What he said there was not to get saved by working but to learn and grow in our salvation which is done by wha we do AND how we do it.

The how part comes through the “with fear and ttrembling” part. Are we going about our heavenly Fathers business His way or our way? If His way then we do so with a healthy respect (fear) and constantly seeking to do things His way (trembling).

Along the way we should be learning how to improve on what we are doing. God doesn’t expect anyone to go from being a virtual baby to winning a triathlon the very next day. That comes under the heading of “work out”. It is a slow but hopefully upward process.

My blog posts are an area that is most certainly under construction.  I may not be the best writer but I am trying. The topics that I write on may not be the most interesting but they are what is on my heart. With these blog posts so am hoping to encourage people, do some sound biblical teaching, grow as a writer, and hopefully encourage you my precious reader to purchase my book on suicide when it comes out later this year.

One of the ways that I have been thinking of how to try and improve my blog posts is with pictures. Often I personally see something and it sparks my creativity. Yet at the same time without that visual cue it can be difficult for people to understand where I am going. So while I will not promise to post a picture with every blog I am going to try to do it more often.

What really got me going diwn this line of thinking is this young woman in our church who is becoming a real shutterbug, for the young people out there she is getting really good at taking pictures. And she has talked about it on Facebook and at church a lot.

I am glad to see her being encouraged by so many, we should encourage our youth more especially when it comes to something they can do for the Lord. The best part is she doesn’t even know that she has encouraged me. Many times true encouragement comes without any fanfare and often goes unnoticed by the one doing it. And I believe that is because they have without knowing it worked out a small part of their salvation.

Others because they gave the gift of encouragement are like a foreman on the job site. People like Barnabas who encouraged Saul of Tarsus (look how he turned out) or how he worked on the restoration project known as John Mark.  Barnabas still had to work on himself but he helped others along the way.

There is another lady I would like to quickly point out who the Lord is using to help me. She is working so diligently to not only deal with health issues, raise her son, continue her own higher education, but also is slowly working her way through the editing process on my furst book. She messaged me the other day and said she was about half way on it. With as full as her plate is she has still found time to help me. I would tag her in this blog but I don’t  want her to have to edit it as well!

No Christian is perfect nor a completed work until they cross over heavens shore. Once faith ends in sight then the building process will be over and done with. In the mean time serve the Lord where and hiw He leads you. You may just be used to help soneone else become a little bit closer to what God wants.20150402_064253


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