Is your foundation sure?

Several weeks ago I passed by the scene in the picture here. I instantly recognized that this wasn’t normal. The yellow barricades were at the time properly lined up with yellow caution tape running from one to another. The last few winters have been a little harsh around here. Since I first saw the barriers they gave been moved around 3 or 4 times and the caution tape is more or less gone.
When I first saw this scene I thought I could write a blog post and title it ‘when the guard rail fails’. But did the guard rail fail? Several yards away one can see the guard rail laying on its side on the ground. And truth be told it didn’t fail, its support or foundation did.
When I drive past here I am coming from the left side of the picture but it is on the right side that the most obvious failure of the concrete can be seen.
Time and pressure, extreme temperatures and storms, usage and abuse had taken their toll on the exposed concrete.
Yes the supposed sure foundation failed to support what it was meant to help. Had someone been leaning on that railing when it gave way they could have been hurt. Or a passing vehicle could have been damaged. I don’t know if either happened.
Over in 2 Kings 18:19, king Hezekiah was asked the question “What confidence is this wherein thou trustest?” Basically he was being asked what was the foundation ge was standing on that caused him to be so brave. The enemy then went on to list some of what those foundations could be. #1 That his wise men had given him some words of encouragement and that he had a army at the ready (v20). #2 That he thought he could depend upon an unreliable source of friendship in Egypt (v21). #3 That he was trusting in a god who he no longer worship (v22). #4 The enemy even offered some false hope by offering to give him horses so he could have a more evenly matched fight (v23).
Fortunately Hezekiah was trusting in his God. He had simply removed the altars to the false gods that had stolen the hearts if the people away from their true God. What he had done was to clear the dust and debris away from their sure foundation. The world thought they were nuts for doing it God’s way. But it was what was needed. The sure foundation of Jesus Christ will weather the storms, handle the pressures, stand the test of time, and support you when you don’t see a way.
What is the foundation you are trusting in? Is it money? One day it will be spent, stolen, or both. Perhaps sex is what the focus is on, but one day you will either be bored with it, too tired for it, or just won’t be interested in it anymore. Perhaps people will be honest and say that they are trusting in themselves but there will come a day when the body is too tired or frustrated to go on. The job will find a replacement for departed employees. But God changes not, Malachi 3:6.
Proverbs 3:5,6 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” That’s hard for mortal man to do. But it does work and will continue to work.


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