And He Died

In Genesis chapter 5  we are introduced to the phrase “and he died”. It is said 8 times in conjunction with 8 of the 10 men we are introduced to. Of the two who are not identified this way one was Enoch and the other was Noah. Noah went on to build the ark and he and his family escaped the judgment God sent by way of the flood. But we are told in 9:29 those faithful words, and he died.
Enoch on the other hand is one if only two who have ever gotten out of life alive (the other being Elijah). The Bible declares and he was not. He never tasted death. And I believe that as such he typifies those who will be raptured out before the Great Tribulation period.
For the rest of us the Bible tells us that have an appointment with death. Hebrews 9:27 “And as it is appointed unto to men once to die, but after this the judgment”. Far more people will taste death than will escape in the end. Death, thanks to Adam’s sin in the garden, is a natural thing; a fact of life. It is expecting each if us.
What we do with this life is what matters. Will we have wasted it pursuing our own selfish desires or will we have done something to bring glory to God. Can we say that we have led another to Jesus or at least showed them how to be saved? Have we tried to help another in the name of Jesus or for our own purposes or beliefs?
Paul closed out his life by stating he had fought a good fight he had kept THE faith and he had finished his course. And then went on to request Timothy bring him more material about the Lord to study and learn from as well as to bring Mark with him to set them both on their course for the cause of Christ.
One day it will be said about each of us that we died. What will be said about how we lived?


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