Yes you

I passed a sign recently that said God loves you, yes you. It was the “yes you” part that caught my eye. We are so used to seeing “God loves you”, to the point we over look it and it has jyst become background noise. Words can and do become no big deal in a hurry, especially when over used and seemingly not meant.
Yes you, however spoke loudly to me. It reminded me that God really does love even me. It brought to mind John 20:17 “… go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; to my God, and your God.” Jesus said those words after He arose from the grave and they were to be told to His disciples. Not just Peter and the gang but to the whole world!
This was the first time Jesus had called them his brothers. It meant that who ever would accept Him as their Savior would be adopted into the family of God the Father.
Been listing Father before God, Jesus was giving us relationship before position. Fellowship before servanthood. He was telling us we are truly loved by God.
Thrre are many trials and heartaches we will have to go through in this life. And because God is a loving parent He will let us experience them, not to hurt us but to build us up. Take heart though because He won’t let us go though them alone, He is right there with each and everyone who truly has been born again.
For those who don’t know Jesus as their personal Savior you can right now. All you gave to do is understand you are a sinner just like everyone else and ask Jesus to save you. He has promised to save who ever will ask Him to do that, Romans 10:13. Just believe on Him John 3:16.

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