When will we Learn?

For the past few years a robin has been building nests on top of the security light above my back door. I don’t like it one bit. The burd is making a mess on the ground with the debris it us using to build the nest, some of which is used in the nest hangs down and I end up having to duck just to get out of the house. To make the portion that will hold the eggs the robin makes mud and fouls the water in my wife’s fountain. I don’t like any of this.
Each time I try to be considerate and tear the nest down before it gets to late and the eggs come. It always gets rebuilt and finally I have to wait an extra day or two for the nest to be complete then I tear it down again. At this point the bird stops building the nest there for the year but I know we will do it again next year.
The overall out cropping of the security light makes it look ideal for building a nest. I do understand this and sympathize but that is not what it is for. If I leave the nest there the birds will continue to make a mess below them and will constantly trigger the motion sensor defeated the purpose of that style of light. But they just won’t fully learn to stay away from it.
Again, I don’t want to tear the nest down;  I know they’re only trying to do what they’re supposed to do but it’s the wrong location.
How many times do we proceed with building our lives in the same manner when it comes to God? We are doing what we believe that we need to do and doing it our way. While at the same time what we are doing or how we are doing it may be wrong in God’s eyes. We do have a tendency to get hard headed.
I remember over in Acts 16 beginning in v6 the Apostle Paul was wanting to go and build the church over in Asia but the Holy Ghost had forbidden it. He instead wanted Paul and hus companions to go and build elsewhere. They were wanting to do the right thing but in the wrong location. Others would go that way, and it seems Peter was one of those  (1 Peter 1:1). God had a purpose in sending Paul into Europe and once he stopped fighting against God on the subject and learned his lesson churches began to be planted as well as books of the Bible to written. People were saved and many others given the Gospel.
Is there something in our lives that God wants us to do yet we are wanting our way instead? Blessing flow from obedience as well as personal growth. Like the birds who eventually yield and build where they should and Paul who yielded and built where he was needed; if we will listen to God’s directions we too can flourish. Just a matter of when will we learn to.


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