Enter/Do Not Enter

This morning I arrived at one of my customers and found that the back door now has a sign posted on it that says “EMPLOYEES ONLY”. Once I went inside I joked with the chef about not being sure if I could come in or not since I am not an employee. He looked at me and said that they have had a number of customers of late decide to try and come into the restaurant through the back door. The same back door that is located by the dumpsters.
To be fair there are three doors leading into the restaurant, the main door located on the main street, the back door I just described, and a side door that is on the south side of the building between the two doors. The customers in question are trying to cut through a nearby parking lot after shopping and just don’t seem to want to walk another twenty feet to use the side door. Even after the chef has pointed out to them that they are in his kitchen they want to know if they can still cut through there. The answer is “no”. If for no other reason then that the restaurant’s insurance will not allow the customers to be in the back, safety issues you know.
There is another place that I have in mind as I write this where there are specific instructions on where to enter. Over in John 14:6 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Heaven has an ENTER sign, and that way is solely through Jesus. People however tend to not be satisfied with that rule. They want their own way to enter, much like those customers trying to enter the restaurant through the back way. When it comes to Heaven there is no back way.
What people mistake for the other way inside is really just another way into Hell. Jesus said in Matthew 7:13 “…broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction…” Truth be told mankind is so determined to do things their own way that if God would declare that there were now 10 ways to get into heaven (and there are not, there is only one way) mankind would want 10 others ways to get in so that each could say he/she did it their own way.
If I could paint the scene, it would be something like this. We would find above the entrance a sign saying DO NOT ENTER. It would be written in red with the shed blood of Jesus. Warning signs should be everywhere letting people know of the danger that they face once they enter. Hell is a place of eternal fire and suffering. Physically thise inside are tormented by the flames. Mentally the individuals remember everything about this life and can’t escape it while at the same time they are able to see all those in paradise enjoying themselves but neither can cross over to the other. All the sins committed in this life come due in hell for those who reject the free gift of salvation offered by Jesus.
The time to accept is now the opportunity to enter heaven is only given in this life by Jesus Christ. Once a person enters hell there is no escape.


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