Well Used

2 Timothy 4:13″… when thou comest, bring with thee, and the books, but especially the parchments.” Here the Apostle Paul was requesting young Timothy to bring some things to him there in prison. Of note are the books and parchments. The books would be most likely be the scrolls that contained copies of what we call the Old Testament and the parchments would seem to be different letters being sent around and more than likely would include portions that would eventually make up the New Testament. Paul wanted them all to study and learn from. Even though he was in his final days he still wants to learn more about his Lord, Jesus.
This type of commitment is one that every true born again believer should desire. Unfortunately a great many Bibles could use a good dusting. Of course no one is perfect and everyone has different desires when it comes to reading God’s word, much less varying circumstances that work against us to sit down and read it. I am not trying to attack anybody here. The Lord knows I need to get in there more than I do.
What got me started on this thought today was a quick look at the copy that I keep in my delivery truck. My wife gave it to me September 8, 2010.
This particular copy has been read through 3 or 4 times, dozens of sermons have been worked on using it, and a great deal of study for my upcoming book has taken place in tjose pages. Inside it’s covers are notes in various places though not as many as are in my main copy that I preach out of. It has been well used over the last four plus years.
As you can see from the picture it is not in the best of shape. When it was first given to me neither one of us at first noticed that the spine had been sliced by a razor when the box it was in was unpacked at the store. So that was where the first piece of duct tape was placed. About a year or so later the edges were looking so ragged that more duct tape was used. Through heat and cold wind and rain this copy of the Bible has rode with me on my route. The duct tape is obviously worn out but inside it is still in good shape. My desire to replace this copy by years end is not because it is shot but to do so before then. I want to one day present this copy to my daughter, when she is older and able to understand it. Yes it looks about as worn as daddy does after all the bouncing down the road. Yet it is also well used. I am not necessarily looking to teach her a lesson in taking care of her things but in that we need to keep God’s word with us and put it to use. It’s okay to wear out a couple or more of the Bible because it means you are walking with God. I want to give her this testimony and pray that she will make it a legacy that she passes down to her children just as Paul was doing with Timothy and thus to us.
There is a saying that, a Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t. That is a life well lived. That is what I want for her.


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