Remembering April 25th

1 Chronicles 22:15 “Moreover there are workmen with thee in abundance, hewers and workers of stone and timber, and all manner of cunning men for every manner of work.” King David said these words during his speech to his son and heir Solomon concerning the construction of the temple. The temple was to serve as a rallying point for the Israelites, a beacon for repentance, and was a symbol for God’s  presence. While God would not allow David to build it He did allow him to get as much ready as possible to ease the burden for when Solomon was made king.
That being said I am not all that interested in the temple with this writing. This is more of a review for me of what transpired back on April 25, 2015. A few months back a preacher friend of mine contacted me and told me that on April 25th there was going to be a preachers conference at the church he attends and that I was invited as well as any other preachers who could come. Brother Ronnie Brown from Chattanooga Tennessee was going to deliver the sermon that afternoon and there would be a devotional given, a trivia game, and pizza for lunch.
There was about two dozen men who showed up that day. We started with donuts and conversation. During the first hour or so we got to meet preachers from different areas of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Conversations ranged from what is going on in the community we serve to cases before the Supreme Court. There was some testifying and a lot of laughing that morning.
The trivia game involved a spinning wheel with several slots marked Bible, three for baseball, and two for football. Those who answered there question correct got to pick out a candy bar from the “good bag” but those who got there question wrong had to blindly reach into the “bag of shame” and pull out a ugly tie, those who won a tie were required to wear it the next day at church and take a picture which was to be tested to everyone else (5 ties were given out).
The devotional was good, being taken from Psalms 51 highlighting the need for each of us to truly repent of our sins to God and the pizza was top notch.
About 1 o’clock we went back up stairs for the actual service. A  couple of congregations songs were sung and my pastor sang 2 or 3 specials. Brother Ronnie got up and preached a great word of encouragement about standing for the coming king out of 1 Samuel 16.
By the time the meeting was over with everyone had agreed on doing it again next year on April 30th. Brother Ronnie is already scheduled to come back. Pastor Steve Holdren was our host but he didn’t put the event together, he had instead delegated that responsibility to his assist pastor who is a like minded man. Brother Jerry Stepped organized the speakers, singing, food, game and prizes. Both of these men of God worked together to put together a great event, one that is much needed because even preachers need a time to relax and  get spiritually fed. By the time it was over with I was talking with pastor Steve and he stated that he would love to one day see this meeting turned into a three day event but he knows for now it must start small and build upward. That’s some wisdom right there, too many would be forcing it to become what it is not ready for so that they could have it there way and not wait for God and His way.
I left feeling great that day and have very much enjoyed thinking about it ever since. When I read that verse that I opened with it reminded me if that day and what it must have took to put it together. While I am sure that wives and others helped out in getting it up and running these two men were the leaders who were charged by God to do this project. What can we accomplish for God if we will just submit to His will and surround our selves His people?

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