Will it make Any Difference?


I stopped off at the church after work today to work a little on my book. Once I was done for the day I began to walk to my truck and noticed the lawn was filled with every child’s favorite yellow flowers. Prized because they are free to pluck and give as a bouquet to their mother or once they turn white to blow on like they were blowing bubbles. Those who are older and/or understand how these weeds affect the lawn generally don’t  like these pests.
I was going to ignore them but for some reason which I understood afterward I had to stop and pluck as many of these seed pods off this one weed as possible. It was once I was done that I realize the message in what had just happened. When I had first arrived at church I had tried to quickly think of an idea for a blog post but nothing came. Yet here though the Lord was showing me what to right. In the totality of lawn care I basically hadn’t made a dent. Hundreds of dandelions were already infesting the church ground and thousands more in the neighborhood. What difference had I made? Here is what the Lord showed me, THOSE SEEDS WON’T BE PLANTED! There DNA will not be passed down and their offspring won’t exist. In a very small way I made a difference.
Jude 22,23 “And of some have compassion, making a difference: and others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.” Those who have trusted Jesus as their Saviour are to go and tell others about Him. We will never save everyone but every one we do witness to we have led to the Lord we have made a big difference. Some people will enter heaven having led thousands to the Lord, while others will have brought a few but at least they tried. There was a study a few years back that says that only about 2% of born again Christians have led someone else to the Lord. That is sad, we all need to do a better job at presenting salvation to this lost and dying world. We can make a difference for someone and one way or another we will. Either we will share the gospel and give them the chance to decide for themselves or we won’t and potentially send them off to hell.


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