It’s Dark out There

The photo that accompany’s today’s blog was taken on my way to work. I was struck by just how dark it was and if not for the pinholes in the current of night that the street lights provided I could easily get lost even though I know my way. So I decided to take a picture of it figuring that I could come up with something to write about in regards to my traveling to work. Instead the Lord has led in a little different direction.
I suppose it would be safe to say that this is part 3 of my writings on my flashlight and the penny. You see as I was working I needed to use my flashlight and with confidence that there would be no problem using it I drew it from pocket. When I turned it on things did not go as planned. Once again the light did not shine bright. There was another penny covering the lens. Didn’t much matter to me, I had supreme confidence that I could now remove the penny at will.
My confidence was founded on the modification made this last Monday to the light itself. I had made a small ‘V’ shaped cut in the housing just before the lens that had allowed me to pry out the fast stuck penny that day. Today would be no different in the removal, or so I thought. God however had a lesson prepared for me though. At first I tried to use my finger nail to dig out the penny via the notch that now existed. This didn’t work. I thought to grab my utility knife and try one of the blades but the thought crossed my mind to just try my pen.
Thanks to the notch in the casing I could see some light which guided me in my efforts. While the penny was in there nice and tight the end of the pen was small enough to reach into the lighted area and pry the penny out. I was struck unable to remove the obstruction myself, I needed outside help. No additional cutting was required to be done on the casing just something that was the proper shape to do the work (in this case a pen).
I am not able by myself to overcome my sins. By myself I will always fall for temptation (the penny getting stuck in the light). Being saved by God’s grace is like the notch that has been made in the housing of the flashlight, it has allowed for God to come and remove the stain if sin when I confess it (the confession here being typified by seeking help in removing the penny). Sin blocks me from being the light that the world needs me to be in order to see their need to be saved. Because of that obstruction it is dark in here and our country is growing worse about it.
There is hope though, the pen. Here the pen that I used to remove the penny (the treasure that is before the light in the heart) represents the Word of God. Paul tells us in 2 Timothy 3:16 ” All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness”. Because the Bible comes from God it is to our advantage to learn it. Doctrine the instructions on how and what we believe and live our lives should come from there. Reproof or evidence for why we believe so comes from here and should be shown in our lives. Correction or restoration is shown to us in His word, just how do we get right with God is found there. Instruction in righteousness is the sum total of our education, which includes getting punished when we deserve it. All the lesson we need for life are found in the pages of the Bible, it truly is the owners manual for life. Even though it is dark outside.



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