Thoughts on a Wedding

Well the wedding has finally come and gone. Now we get to wait a couple of hours while the bridal party goes to Chicago to take pictures. Then sometime around 5 tonight we will be at their reception. It was a beautiful ceremony for a beautiful couple. My friend, while he is loosing a daughter he is gaining room in his house and garage. The middle daughter is gaining her very own room and the groom has gotten his completer.
Back there in Genesis 2: 18 God decided to make a “help meet” for Adam. Those 2 words mean completer. She was made from a rib that was taken from his side. She was not taken from a bone in his head for him to rule over her, nor was a bone from his foot used so that he could crush her at will. It was taken from his side so he could put his arm around her and protect her. From hus ribs so that she would be close to his heart and he would love her. Since she came from one of his ribs she is the missing piece.
While not everyone is called to get married those who are should always strive to make their marriage work. When the arguments come, and they will, it needs to be remembered the husband and wife are supposed to be in it together. Fight, and make up as quickly as possible. Don’t hold the anger in the heart and once the apologies have been said let it go.
Should the Lord bless the marriage with children, raise them in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus. Teach them how to behave  (the rest of the world will have to deal with them once the parents are done with them).
I pray my friends who got married today have a good long God centered life together.



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