In 2 Timothy 4:10 we read “For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world…” Paul was writing this during his second Roman imprisonment. During his first time Demas was one of the many brethren who was there with him. While he had started out this time with Paul as well he got to the point that he decided to not risk his own safety anymore by being associated with Paul, so he left.
At this time in Paul’s life he really could have used more people around him. Soon he would stand before Caesar and be executed. He only had a couple of friends left with him and he was sending one away to deliver this letter.
What was happening to Paul was that he was being challenged by the enemy. Did he really believe what he claimed to hold onto? When push came to shove was he genuine or a cheap knock off? Could Paul stand for Jesus when no one else was around to have his back? The world was against him, the leaders of the people were opposed to him, and the law was not on his side.
Today is no different.
Sin is still sin. No matter how many laws are written to legalize it in man’s eyes, sin is still sin. Our leaders and celebrities can support all that is morally wrong but sin is still sin. God says sin is sin and that is the final word on it.
Here is where the rubber meets the road, as they say. When we are challenged by the enemy to compromise our beliefs will we cave in? This ain’t like deciding which baseball team you prefer because in the end that is trivial. Will we stand on our biblical principles when everyone around us is saying to just let it be?
The recurring theme of the book Judges is that “every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” Christians wake up we are back in that part of the cycle. Living to do what we think is good verse what the Lord says. We are being challenged right now and many people are opting to just go and hide in the corner, walk around with their eyes glued to the floor, and avoiding saying anything that might be deemed offensive.
Sin is still sin. That includes homosexuality. Yes Jesus did preach against it. No He did not use that express word. In Mark 7:21 “For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders”. That word translated fornications in the original Greek is porneai, which means ALL FORMS OF SEX OUTSIDE THE BONDS OF MARRIAGE BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN (and is where we get our word ‘porn’). And even in Jesus’ day it included homosexuality.
Ireland may be the first country to legalize gay marriage by popular vote and it won’t be the last, but even if every country on the planet made it legal it still doesn’t change the Fact that God still calls it sin! It is just another way that the forces of hell are challenging true Christians to try to make a stand. Just one more way that the concept of the family which God started back in the garden of Eden is under attack. One more way to open the door to anything goes.
It is not coming, it is here. Christians we are being challenged, how will you respond? Paul responded by digging into the Word. He asked Timothy to bring the books and especially the parchments (2 Timothy 4:13). These would contain the what we know as the Old Testament and the letters that would go on to form the New Testament.  He asked for Timothy to bring Mark with him so he could have good fellowship and train these 2 young preachers a little more. Remind them that no matter the challenge, sin is still sin.
Jesus loves everyone and will freely save anyone. It doesn’t matter to Him if the person is gay, drunk, a thief, a killer, clean living, hard worker, lazy,  etc. He wants everyone to accept Him as their Savior. All a person has to do is confess their sins to Him believe that He will save them and ask Him to save them. He promised that who ever will do this will be saved, Romans 10:13.


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