Just some thoughts about writing today. When I first started doing this blog I had thought about sitting at home maybe an hour or so typing up 3 or 4 blocks at a time figuring I can have them ready to go and just release one a day and it’ll all be good. But as time has shown not is not necessarily the way it works, I found that a good length for a blog, because I’m such a slow typer, generally takes about an hour for each one. The quick takeaways usually are not so long and sometimes I’m able to write up several of them at once and just put them off to the side and release as I feel like it.
I have been enjoying writing. Yes sometimes it can get a little discouraging when you don’t see the numbers for people reading, according to WordPress. Their stats page can get a little confusing, telling me that I’ve got a certain number of “likes” but yet no one is actually reading it; makes no sense to me. Those “likes” aren’t  really so much to be concerned over it is who all is reading it that I can’t see. I’m more interested in the people its not recording, and by that I mean those who share it without sharing it electronically. They just read it real quick and while it’s still on their device have someone else look at it. Or those who maybe print it out and pass it around that way, those kind of numbers can’t be recorded.
Also writing these blogs has been a godsend. For the longest I was feeling like I needed to do something else. I wasn’t sure what or how to express it. My pastor has taken to social media and he makes these “1 minute daily prescription” videos, he tries to encourage people with them. And since I was feeling like I needed to express myself, and had this deep down desire to do just a little bit more I began to wonder if maybe I should try doing that as well. Back in December I asked a pastor friend of mine concerning his writing experiences with his books, trying to get as much information from him as I could. Since I had written my first book, just not submitted the first draft the publisher yet. It was in the course of our discussion where he suggested blogging to me. I must confess I get great satisfaction with writing these blogs, I feel like I’m on the right track writings these. To me it seems that this is the directions or he lord would have me to go.
I know writing for sure is not going to take the place of my preaching, that will not change. It’s kind of like a supplement. We take vitamin supplements to help our bodies get more of certain vitamins that we’re not getting from the food we eat. In this particular case it’s not that I’m not getting enough with my preaching it’s more of I’ve got a little idea here so let me pass that along. Now I’ve had sermons already come from writing a book, but a few weeks ago I wrote a blog post titled “Reed on”, and in the course of looking up a little bit of information about reeds the Lord showed me some good material; felt like He was leading me to preach a sermon on it (which I ended up doing this last Saturday night).
This post is the result of my having been thinking this morning about the writing prophets of the Bible. Joel is thought to have been the first of the writing prophets. One of the early writing prophets we tend to overlook, because he didn’t write a book just a quick note, is Elijah. He is known for his fiery preaching but we usually miss that he wrote out a sermon for king Jehoram of Judah in 2 Chronicles 21:12-15. While my desire with my writing is to encourage people occasionally I will use it to preach against sin, though it probably won’t be to the extent that Elijah wrote there. I do pray that these blog posts are a help and encouragement to everyone. They are at the very least a help to me.
Thank you for your attention.


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