Reviving the Flashlight

A few weeks ago I got this new brighter flashlight, which has been chronicaled in 3 previous blogs. Today a new problem with it arose, though this problem is common to all flashlights. When I turned it on it was noticeably dimmer. No longer was it lighting up the whole area. It’s ability didn’t change just the available power. Batteries only last for so long. I now needed to replace this battery.
There is no neef to go get a new flashlight since it is not broken. It just needs a fresh charge. Knowing how bad my memory is I called my wife’s cellphone and left a message to lay out a new battery for me. I could go to the store and buy one but why? There are plenty available at home. Once I get home the new battery will be sitting out and I will take it to work tonight and change it.
Our Christian lives are much the same way. We need constant recharging in order to work properly. God knows this and has thus charged us to study His word (2 Timothy 2:15), told us to be in church when the doors are open (Hebrews 10:25), and even given. Us special times throughout the year called revivals.
It is not necessarily a matter of having backslidden that causes us to need recharging or revival. We are living in and dealing constantly with a sin ravaged world. Such spiritual pollution takes a toll on us. While Jesus was perfect, He still was constantly in prayer to the Father drawing strength for His human side and showing us the perfect example of our need to draw closer to God all the time. He was able to stand against the forces of darkness and He knows we can’t on our own. We need to be recharged if we are to be the light this world needs us to be in order to show them their need for salvation.
Getting recharged is a sign of weakness and strength. Weakness because we are frail humans and strength because we admit our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9,10). Never be afraid to ask God for help and strength. He will supply all of our needs (Philippians 4:13,19).


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