Finishing Well

2 Timothy 4:7 “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith”. These are some of the Apostle Paul’s final words. Right there in the middle he said he had finished his course. If you finish something it means you have at least started, which is a good thing. But what about if you don’t actually finish what you started?
Here in this verse that word finished means complete, to bring to a close, to discharge a debt, conclude, or make an end. In other words the job is done.
A couple of months back one of my restaurants began a remodeling project that was sorely needed. I have seen where this sort of project pays for itself rather quickly but it must be done right. The crew that came in to do the work could only work from 2am until 8 am, the hours the restaurant was closed. This meant it would take longer to do. A new floor was laid, ceiling tiles replaced, the bathrooms were updated, and a new paint scheme for the walls.
For some unknown reason however they stopped working. The project is about 90% completed which is not 100%. They just quit. I have asked the owner what happened and she doesn’t know. Things were going so well and mow obvious areas are still in need of being completed. In one corner sets the unused supplies, and behind the cash register a perplexed woman who can’t finish the job herself.
How often do we as Christians do the same thing. Start a job for Jesus that He has commissioned us to do but then for whatever our reason we give up. Maybe it isn’t paying like we think it should, the trouble isn’t worth it, or we get scared off by the enemy. If it were easy anybody could do it. God however has specifically called each of us to serve where He has placed us. It may not make sense to us but to God it does. We may not feel needed where we are at but our feelings on the subject should not matter. Do what God has called you to do. And if you have quit already might I suggest you start praying to see if God still wants you there. You might just be surprised at His answer, I was when my time came. God is so merciful!


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