Book rewriting

I would say that Solomon got it right when he wrote over in Ecclesiastes 12:12 “…of making many books there is no end”. While I am still working on my first and praying about doing another, this one has so far had no end. Long ago I lost count on how many rewrites I have already done. There potentially remains only one more.
This morning I received an email telling me that my book (Suicide: The Bible and Today) has been typeset and I must check it one last time for errors. If none then it will go to press if there are rewrite what needs correcting. Either way still no end.
Each time I have had to rewrite my book has felt like I have written a new book. Now I am not complaining, merely stating facts. These rewrites have been educational. Hopefully I will have really learned from each one so that should I write another those lessons will be applied and less time and energy spent on doing rewrites.
Good Lord willing sometime around the end of September my book will be hitting the book shelves of our local retailers and national franchise’s. It will also be available as an E-book.
This has been and will continue to be an awesome responsibility that God has placed on me. Let me say this I can’t do any of it without Jesus. All honor and glory is His and the mistakes are mine.


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