Stepping Stones

Why do we use stepping stones?
They show us a path.
They keep our feet up out of the muck they are placed in.
They make nice decorations in our gardens.
They keep someone employed.
Four reasons off the top of my head for using stepping stones. These pieces of rock or whatever they are made from serve some purpose to some degree. How we go about using them is what matters. For example, if we are going to try and cross a river and the only two options we have available to us is to walk across the tops of the stepping stones or goibg down into the water ourselves makes a difference. Stay dry or get wet. Let me throw you a curve, we don’t know what is in the water it is to dark to see. While there probably isn’t any piranhas in there what about other obstacles such as tree branches on the bottom or a strong under current? Staying dry might be better then going for a swim.
Sometimes stepping stones have been placed where they now reside because someone has gone on beforehand and is pointing out the best way for us to follow.
At times the stones are simply there because they look nice and children like to play on them. They can occupy the imagination bring back memories long forgotten.
If you get them from the store you are in a small way helping someone put food on the table. By buying the stones people have jobs, be it the cashier checking you out, the stocker who had to place them out on display, or the people who either dug them out or made them in a factory.
The Bible tells us that the 10 commandments or “The Law” was a schoolmaster or stepping stone to bring us unto Christ, Galatians 3:24. The law shows us we aren’t perfect and need Jesus to save us.
Another stepping stone I was thinking of was John the Baptist. He was asked by those around him why he wasn’t upset that his disciples were leaving him to go follow Jesus. He understood that his purpose in life was to be a stepping stone. In John 3:30 he said “He must increase, but I must decrease.” John knew that in order to get people to Heaven he needed to be down or humble, accepting his place in life so that others could come to the Savior. It wasn’t about John the Baptist it is about Jesus Christ.
Sometimes in life we are called on by God to be stepping stones in the lives of our fellow believers. One of my favorite examples is found in Colossians 4:11. His name is Justus. We know nothing about this man, this stepping stone other than the little told us in this verse. What he did however was he kept Paul employed if you will. Paul was in prison and back then the only way you survived in prison was visitors bringing you food and water, Rome wasn’t worried about the welfare of prisoners. So he kept Paul’s spirits up and met his physical needs.
God has called us to be stepping stones just in different aspects we all should lead others to Jesus, but many are needed to lift up a few others so that they like Paul can go do the extraordinary work God assigned them. What kind of stepping stone will you allow yourself to be?


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