I find it interesting that the symbol for the gay pride is the rainbow flag. For those who don’t know about the rainbow, God created the rainbow to be a visual reminder that He would never again destroy the Earth with a global flood.
The global flood was sent by God in response to Him seeing “the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” (Genesis 6:5). God saw that all mankind was interested in was sinning, how they could sin, what else they could do that was sinful, and how much worse could they be.
Human’s by nature are sinful creatures but the active pursuit of sin makes things all the more worse. Back then God in all of His holiness had had enough. At that time only 8 people chose to believe God about His coming judgment. Once the flood was over He created the rainbow to remind everyone of His promise not to destroy this Earth again by water.
That doesn’t mean however that judgment against mankind is never going to happen again. Our sins are mounting. The price for those sins must one day be paid. While God has promised to never use water again to destroy the Earth He will use fire to do the job.
In Genesis 19 records God’s judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah with fire. Their sin reached up to heaven. We get our word sodomy from them. They were homosexuals and God calls that behavior sin and an abomination Leviticus 18:22. God sent judgment. He will send judgment again. We are told in 2 Peter 3:7 that He has fire ready to go for the next judgment that is coming. God will only put up with our sins for so long. Payment for sin will come due.
However, Jesus paid that mounting sin debt on the cross for those who will accept Him as their Savior. God Himself came down and died there on that cross freely to give man a chance to escape the coming judgment.
We only need to accept the fact that we are sinners and deserve our punishment. Accept the fact that we can’t pay this sin debt on our own but that Jesus has paid the price for us if we accept it. Then ask Him to save us from the penalty of our sins. He has promised that whoever asks Him to save them will be saved (Romans 10:13).


2 thoughts on “Judgment

  1. I finally found something talking about the flip side of the rainbow, which was that God had promised that the next time He destroyed the earth, it would be by fire. I believe that those who are posting gay pride rainbows are unknowingly proclaiming the promised judgement that is coming upon this land.


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