Ever have  one of those days when you just wished you could go somewhere? That you had the resources available to you as well as the time to do it? Guess we all do to some degree at one time or another.
There was a such a man in the Bible. We refer to him as the prodical son. A young man who wanted to go and sew his wild oats. He seems to have been tired of living the life he was born into. Perhaps he thought he knew better than  dear old dad about how to have a life. We are told in Luke 15: 13 that he wasted all his money with “riotous living”. That word riotous means disolutely or reckless abandonment. This young man didn’t just party hard he was so restless in his life that anything that came along offering to ease his restless feelings he latched onto,  no matter the cost.
This young man had grown up feeling empty with a void in his soul that needed to be filled but no idea how to fill it. How many people today feel that same way? How many many feel that way at this moment?
Feeling restless is a bit of a burden. One that needs to be set down. Thinking about it taking those burdens to Jesus is important. It seems generally that that restless feeling, for me anyway, is because there is something I am supposed to be doing just not doing it.
Part of what led to my writing my book (Suicide:The Bible and Today) was because of that restless feeling. I knew there was something I was supposed to do and the only way I got peace about it was when I was working on it. These blog posts are very similar, I start writing them and feel more relaxed.
Serving Jesus is refreshing, relaxing, and rewarding.

Also just to let everyone know, I am planning on releasing another excerpt from my book within the next few days. I just haven’t decided exactly when yet
I am chalking this decision up to a bit of restlessness, lol!

Strong’s Concordance


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