It Helps to have ALL the Tools


This is the tool kit I keep in my delivery truck. It is not meant to fix the truck if I break down. It is meant to work on the 4-wheel dollies I use to move large stacks of bread around.


Sometimes those wheels get bound up with string from mops or used hair nets. When that happens I have to service the wheels by removing the nut that holds the axle and wheel together. Other times so much junk has built up inside the axel that the bearings will not move and thus the wheel won’t properly change direction for me. That is when I use the spray to break that stuff up.
If you notice though I am missing one piece in particular, a ratchet. I have the necessary sockets but no ratchet. That is because I am cheap and refuse to either buy an entire set just for one piece or pay a small fortune for just the ratchet.
Over in 2 Timothy 2:15 we are told to study to show ourselves approved by God. I heard one false translation say to “do your best”. If God declares my best or righteousness as Isaiah termed it is nothing better than filthy rags (64:6) then just doing my best when it comes to the things of God isn’t good enough.
If all I do is my best when it comes to God’s word then I am not working with all the right tools. Effort might be nice but without the proper tools, futile.
There in 2 Timothy 2:15 Paul under inspiration of the Holy Ghost has issued a command to his readers. Everyone from the pastor on down to the little kids in Sunday school are to be studying. When we are studying to show ourselves “approved” then we have put into action all the proper tools in our tool kit. To be approved means we have been praying for God’s insight on the passage at hand. It also means that we have been following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In  John 14:26 Jesus said that the Comforter (the Holy Spirit) “shall teach you all things”. Of course He can’t do His job if we are not doing ours properly.
We need the complete kit. Everything is there for us if only we will listen and apply it…


…kinda like this ratchet which I just purchased for work. Now it is good that I now have it, but until I call upon it to do its duty it will only just be there. The Holy Ghost doesn’t want to just sit around waiting on us to think about asking Him; He wants us to use Him every day all the time. The question is, will we?


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