How close are we?

How close are we to when Jesus comes back? The only available answer is we don’t know. There are many signs to look at, the ever increasing number of earthquakes for example. Wars and fighting on the rise and supposed peace deals being made that any intelligent person knows won’t last long.
Jesus told us that the only one who knows when He will return is God Matthew 24:36. Still He has promised to return one day. I for one am looking forward to that day; if only to finally get to see Him face to face.
Still thr question is just how close are we? Again I don’t know but we are closer now than we were a minute ago. He may even come before you finidh reading this sentence. Wouldn’t that be something!
This morning I was listening to the radio and the preacher touched on the book of Jude. It is the 65th book in the Bible. Only one comes after it, the book of Revelation. It seems to me that at least once a week for the past couple of months I have heard someone teach, preach, or talk about the book of Jude. I am not saying that this is like driving down the highway and reading the exit signs that keep telling you how muxh further till your exit. It just strikes me that lately so much emphasis is coming on the next to the last book of the Bible.
We know the end times are coming and that the book of Revelation tells us a great deal about it. The book of Jude talks a great deal about the rising apostasy that will proceed those events. The more I type here the more I want to go back and study the book of Jude again. Many agree that we are living in the age of the church of Laodicea (Revelation 3:14-22) but can our time also be compared to living in the days of the book of Jude? That just as somewhere days to Christ’s return are being counted down so to are Bible verses? Probably just a big stretch of the imagination right there.
What I can say is this though, Jesus has warned us that all these signs must take place before He returns and while they are all common things it is their frequency and duration that we should take note of. Also as we see the day approaching we need to do a better job of witnessing to people about their need to be saved. One day it will be too late.


The clock is ticking.
What time do you got?


One thought on “How close are we?

  1. We studied Jude a few months ago in Bible Study – fascinating book with so much relevance for today. For me, I enjoy history. I realize many believed we were living in the last days throughout history, Roman times, the Dark Ages, WWII, but one aspect needed yet to be fulfilled, Israel needed to become a state. Now that this has now been accomplished, it could be any time. You’re so right – forget the exact time, just do what he tells you: Preach the Word, profess Christ Risen and Save Others. I look forward to His coming! Thanks for this post, blessings,

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