When I was younger I hated to read. In 4th grade I discovered Choose Your Own Adventure Books and learned to love to read. In my freshman year of high school I was still behind the curve but I did finally catch on to the appeal of comic books and my love for reading hit another growth spurt. I switch from CYOA Books to Marvel comics. After I moved out of my parents house novels became my new focus.
By this time I had some Christian books but none of them appealed to me. They were very dry. One author was the late Oliver B. Greene, as a small child I remembered hearing him preach on the radio, my mother only listened to one station, and I enjoyed listening to him. But his books which were just transcriptions of his sermons were d o dry and boring to me. I had been called to preach when I was 15 so in my mind I should have had no problem with any Bible preaching/teaching book but I did. It took many years for me to finally realize it boils down to the authors style of writing. Many men of God who I love to hear preach I labor hard to read their work and often put it down well before I am finished. Some authors I just can’t get enough of!
Yesterday I stopped at the local Christian bookstore that is carrying my book, Suicide: The Bible and Today, and in their used book section I found 2 books. I like to give my fellow preachers books at Christmas time, ones that I have either already read or authors I trust and believe they will enjoy. One book though I might just keep. It is called Broken Things by M. R. DeHaan. It speaks of why tragedy, pain, illness, and such come into our lives. In it he explains what these things actually do for us in our walk with Jesus. I have only gotten a couple of pages into it but if it is anything like the back cover I may end up going on line to see how many more copies I can get my hands on and just give out this one book this year at Christmas.
I do enjoy M. R. DeHaan’s writing I also like Ray Stedman, the other book I bought was from him and deals with 1&2 Thessalonians. My personal top three authors to read are: Lehman Strauss, Ivor Powell, & Guy Hope. They get down there where the rubber meets the road. While I can’t say how I would like their styles of preaching, I do know I like how they write.
The other day my pastor shared on Facebook the link to our church’s web store on where my book can be found. He included a description that at first took me back. Not because it was bad but because I don’t think I ever gave it any thought. My pastor declared my book “easy to read yet challenging”. That is one of the things that I had been aiming for with this first book. I had wanted it to be an easy read so that everyone could grasp what I was trying to say to them. And at the same time I wanted a book that would do something for the reader. Not just inform but motivate to think about it and then do something about it.
If you have read my book I would appreciate your feedback about it. You can either make a comment on one of my blogs or at my Facebook page Digging in the Word.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs and hopefully my book.
God bless,
Dennis Sampson


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