Tired and sore

This was supposed to have been a weekend for me to relax, but it didn’t go quite as planned. For the past several days I have been unintentionally short changing myself on sleep. Things have needed to get done and the time must come from somewhere.
My wife saved a little money so we could do a one-night vacation at a nearby motel with a pool. The pool was primarily for our daughter who has been promised by many people the last couple of years to come over to their house and swim once the pool opens but then forget. I ain’t trying to run anyone down but it is hard on a child to keep back the hurt of being promised and then forgotten. So after we checked in we went swimming. She loved it and even managed to “swim” on her own a little bit (her C.P. keeps her from doing much on her own).
It was nice for me to be in the pool but drained me. Motel mattresses are not the most comfortable but a change of scenery was nice. The next morning I even spent a few minutes in the fitness room. We left about 8 am to go for breakfast and then church. So what is there to be tired and sore about, you may ask.
Well, after a long day Friday I came home to find my neighbor was setting up the fence posts for a fence we had agreed to put up from his back yard to mine and I helped him finish that and convinced him to give it a couple days before putting up the fence so the concrete could set. Came home Sunday to find him putting up the fence, so I quickly changed and got to work helping. I had to call it quits before we were done because I had to go bed given my odd work schedule. Again short on sleep and I am a bit out of shape.
Busyness however can be a good thing; it can keep us out of trouble. Better to be tired and sore than bored and messing around. I think of Samson and how he seems to have gotten a little bored and started messing around with sin. I am referring specifically to the first part of Judges chapter 16.
The final sentence of v31 tells us that Samson judged Israel for 20 years and with chapters 14&15 being about his marriage we can assume this was toward the beginning of his judgeship. That would seem to tell us that chapter 16 is opening somewhere during his final year. Nineteen years of seemingly good service to the Lord. We must jeep in mind though that it doesn’t matter what office he, or or anyone else, holds we still can fall into sin. Apathy will kill. Sitting around doing nothing gives the enemy plenty of leeway to be sending unholy suggestions into our minds. If we are not constantly keeping ourselves on guard against these things the enemy will eventually get to us, 1Peter 5:8.
Now I know we can’t be always working for the Lord as far as being physically active (in church, soul winning, teaching, etc.) but our minds need to be kept in the Lord. Otherwise we will wear down and fall into sin. Some are stronger than others but even the strong willed people have to work at it so take heart, 2 Corinthians 10:13. It is always better to be tired and sore d or the Lord than fat and beaten by our spiritual enemy. Keep yourself occupied  with God.


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