Comfort Zone

There is a saying, “If you want to hear God laugh tell Him your plans”. I don’t know how true that is but I do know that His plans and my plans don’t always match. And I am the one who needs to come correct.
One of those things that I find to not be in my comfort zone is self-promotion. In all honesty often these blogs are a bit difficult to write since I am trying to use personal experience to illustrate a point. But that really is a great deal easier to do than flat-out self-promotion. Which given the fact that my book is self-published I have to do all the marketing for it. Thus I must promote myself. Even as I write this I would rather be trying tp sell some girl scout cookies  (which I also hate doing) than even think about this topic.
But I must step out of my comfort zone. Perhaps there has been some laughter at my plans. So far I have hit a few brick walls with various ways to get the book out there. The one way that has so far been open for me is the one way I knew I would have to go for sure when the time came. This Sunday (August 9) will be the official start. Last month I made arrangements with some local church’s to come and make a brief presentation about my book  (Suicide: The Bible and Today) and I will be beginning this new adventure for me at Whiting Baptist Church. The Lord is giving me a couple “easy” church’s to go to to begin with, as that I have preached at these church’s before. I guess you could say God is letting me get my feet wet. After that it will get harder. I am currently trying to get into a couple of other church’s but the overall subject of my book may be making it a little difficult.
God never promised to make things easy for us. And a little suffering and/or inconvenience helps us to grow. I am reminded of the parable Jesus gave in Luke 19. A rich man was leaving town fir a while and gave to each of his servants ‘talents’ or money to invest for him so that when he returned he would make a nice profit. The very words he used were “occupy till I come” (v13). That word occupy means do business. However they saw fit to invest that money was ok so long as they made him money. Now,  God has given each of His children different talents and some more than one kind of talent. Each of us is to do what we can with what He has given us.
While I do not know if I will ever wrote another book or not I do know that much as I may fear to step out if my comfort zone I must do it. God gave me this book and thus He has given me not only the responsibility of getting it out there but the ability to get it out there. Perhaps along the way the other ideas I had for selling the book will become available or maybe not. Either way I can either work and do my part or bury my talent as one if the rich man’s servants did and suffer greater shame and loss because if my disobedience.
Anyway it goes, if you could say a pray for me on this whole matter I would appreciate it.
Thank you for reading my blogs.
Yours in Christ,
Dennis Sampson


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