I saw a quote today that read “You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.” Instantly I fell in love with it. It is not scripture but it is a Biblical concept. No, on our own we cannot move the mountain but with Jesus we can do it (Philippians 4:13).
Yesterday (August 9th) I made my first book presentation at a local church. The Lord blessed and I sold 8 copies! To some that may not seem like much but to me it is. As I have said before, for me, I was stepping out of my comfort zone. Going somewhere and trying to sell something is not my favorite thing to do and add in that what I was selling was my book and it is even harder for me. God blessed however, the congregation was a mix of individuals that I have known for a few years and people I had just met. The results were that I had some level of comfort and got the book out there.
As much as I would have loved to have sold all the copies I had with me I am more interested in the larger picture. That someone somewhere gets the help they need from this book on suicide. Sales will come as the Lord sees fit. My primary job is to be obedient to Him.
My dad called me Saturday and said he had finished reading the book (finishing a book is not something he does a lot of) and he said he really enjoyed it and that if I could find the right person in the industry to promote it the book could really go far and help alot of people. That is a result I had hoped for but honestly hadn’t expected to hear. It was pretty much the closest he has come to saying he was proud of me. My mom has said so and said that he is but speaking such feelings are not his style.
Truth be told as I write this I can’t help but think of the old illustration of the man and the boulder. One day God told the man to go out back of his house and push the boulder that was setting there till He told him otherwise. Day in and day out for years the man would get up, pray, read his Bible, eat, and go push the boulder. There were many days of heat and cold, days when it rained others when it snowed, but the man didn’t quit. One day satan came to him harassing him about his job. That devil made fun of him for not moving the boulder one inch, that all he had done was waste his time and life for a useless cause that made no difference at all. After satan left the man was discouraged, doubting, and defeated. All that he had heard sure looked to be true. He didn’t have any numbers to show any type of success, no body had tried to help him, and it seemed like God had given him the assignment just to keep him occupied and out of His hair.
As he was about to quit and go inside God spoke his name and asked him how he was doing. The man poured his heart out to God about his obvious failure and all the thoughts he had had. With a smile God listened and then replied “my son your job was never to move the boulder, just to push it. Look at yourself, your muscles are toned and strong from pushing all this time. Your skin is a beautiful golden color from the long hours in the sun and your mind has been sharpened by the many hours of contemplation on My Word you read each morning. You have not failed, you have gotten the results I wanted for you when I first assigned you this task”.
I want to be like that man. I want to achieve the results my Heavenly Father has in mind for me.


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