She was left out

Today was supposed to be the first day of 3rd grade for my daughter.  For those who don’t know she has Cerebral Palsy, this means the school system has to provide her with transportation to and from school, a one on one aid, extra time to do class work, etc.  The school she attends is not handicap friendly (even though ADA has been the law of the land for 25 years and they have made other structural improvements to the building over the years). Up until this past year most of her classes have been on the main floor with only library time being on the second floor.  Now there is a very long and steep ramp that leads up to the second floor and her aid the last two years has had no problem pushing her in her wheelchair up and down the ramp.  However this past spring one of the physical therapist who is in charge of her therapists decided that since my daughter cannot wheel herself up and down the ramp without help she needed to be transferred to another school.

We have been fighting this all summer and have gotten other government agencies involved. Let me just state right now the biggest reason for the problems is that the school system doesn’t have the money to get the renovations done and at the same time this should have been taken care of at the very least at some point during the past 3 years knowing that one day my daughter would have to have it. Anyway their lawyer is stalling. From my understanding, not even returning phone calls from the lawyers that are on our side (did I mention that today was the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL). At one point someone from their side said that they could make some modifications to the school but it will take time and she will have to start the year at another school until they get it done.

The beginning of last week the door bell rang and I answered the door.  It was the bus driver who was going to be picking up my daughter and taking her to this other school, informing me as to what time she will be picked up and dropped off. For the record this bus bus owned and operated by the School City of Hammond which is the same school system that is in charge of the schools. Now you may ask why I bring that up.  Well with today being the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL one would think that the new school would have my daughter on record, have her files, have her legally required one on one aid, and know that she is now a student there. Fortunately we were calling her off today because they had none of that, especially that last part about her being a student there. My wife started making phone calls and it seems that the very outfit that deemed she couldn’t stay at her home school and that she must transfer dropped the ball and didn’t get her into any school.

I apologize for this rant I know what I usually publish is Bible based but sometimes I have to vent.  For me, I don’t understand most of the politics and fancy words required to be of any real help here.  Basically I am a fish out of water on this one. And my daughter has gone from not wanting to leave her school and her friends to “why don’t I have a school”?  So for this I will cite 1 Peter 5:7 “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” That word “care” means worry, stress, anxiety. If it bothers you than it bothers HIM. The second word “careth” means to have concern or be of interest to. In other words if it bothers you it bothers Him, so give it over to Jesus. And I would ask for your prayers in this matter that it will get resolved quickly.  Thank you.


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