A Dead Tire

How often have we seen dead tires on the road? By dead tires I mean either parts of a blown out tire or a whole tire with or without a rim. Often I would say for the pieces and not as often for the whole. We do our best to avoid them whenever possible but sometimes we hit one of the scraps.
This morning I hit a dead tire, a whole rimless dead tire. It was on a long section of road, no street lights, and at end of a curve. Suddenly it was just there. Fortunately it was off to the side, though still in my lane. I swerved the best I could but the front tire of my truck clipped it and it made a weird noise leaving me to wonder how much damage was done to the truck.
As soon as I could pull over I got out my flashlight and did a quick inspection. There was no damage. I imagine that the sound I heard was the rimless tire hitting the concrete after being knocked around by my truck.
It wasn’t my intention to hit it; I was just going about my business. In the time that has passed since then I have been thinking of blogging about it not sure till now what the point would be.
Our sin is pretty similar in that often we aren’t looking to sin; just going about our daily routine and it comes up. It had not been a matter of me not paying attention just the timing and amount of available light. Had I been running with my high beams on I might have seen it sooner and avoided it all together. The more spiritual light we keep in our lives the easier time we will have of spotting that temptation that is looking to become sin in our lives. When we see it and ignore the warning signs about it we have no one to blame but ourselves for what follows.
Back in Genesis 2 we are told that God told Adam nit to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. In chapter 3 Eve reveals she knew about the rule, she had light, but then ignored it. Adam comes along, knows the rule (has light) and still runs straight at this dead tire of temptation. The resulting sin caused damage to the whole human race. (I deal with this more fully in my book Suicide: The Bible and Today.)
Now a days we don’t plunge the whole human race into trouble like Adam did when we hit the “dead tires” in our road of life but we do mess ourselves up and can cause injury to friends, family, relationships, and the like. Temptation and sin are two things we need to work harder at avoiding. Avoid the temptation when you see it coming and automatically avoid the damage of sin. Do so by bringing more light into your life. Sharpen your “driving skills” by running to God in prayer and His word when you see the dead tire approaching instead of aiming for it with the attitude of I can’t help it. It is easier said then done but well worth putting into practice.

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