The other day I made a delivery to one of my high schools. It was the first delivery of the year and as usual I rotated out a set of wheels (4 wheel dollie). Right away I noticed something was wrong. When I picked it up the wheels didn’t pivot as they should have. Upon entering the truck I tried to turn the wheels with my bare hands only to find that they had rusted up.
As part of my repair kit (which I wrote about in a previous post) I keep a can of WD-40 and as usual it did the job but nit as easily as normal. The axle that allows the wheels to pivot were very rusted and filled with junk. A great deal of fluid was needed on each wheel along with some ‘arm twisting’ on my part. The good news is that the set of wheels is once again useful.
This reminded me of a man in the Old Testament who got so rusted in his spiritual life that he had very little use left in him when we are first introduced to him. His name was Eli he was the high priest of Israel and also served as the next to the last judge. We find when 1 Samuel opens that he can’t tell when someone is praying and mistakes her for being drunk. He had been a lousy father to his two sons and when faced with their crimes he lacked the backbone to do something about it. Also he had let himself go physically; to the point that when word came of the ark being captured he fell backward and his neck was broke but he is described as being heavy leading one to believe his weight might have contributed to his demise.
I said earlier that he had little use which means there still was something he could do. For one thing he figured out that God was calling the young boy Samuel, though it took a few times before he got it. When he did he quickly taught Samuel how to respond to the call of God.
Also he did train Samuel in how to carry out the office. He had been given Samuel by his own mother for him to serve the Lord. And while this may have started out as a matter of training yet another priest the call of the Lord did change things.  The times were changing and the Philistines were preparing to make their move to conquer Israel. So with this call it seems that Eli switched gears and began to prepare Samuel for the next stage of his life.
While it may have been too late for Eli to enjoy the benefits of true service to the Lord he still was able to do something for God. Until we draw our final breath we can still do something for God. What has God called you to do? Do you have rust in your life? Ask God to clean you up so that you can still be used.


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