Work ethic

I arrived at one of my restaurants to find the owner talking on the phone to one of the waitresses. She was calling off for that day. He told her so long as she fulfilled her responsibility to arrange for someone to cover her shift it would be no problem. After he hung up he looked at me and said it is always the same thing, “I need the money, I need a job, my rent is due” and they keep calling off.
If you have been saved by God’s grace then you too have a job to do.
Recently a preacher friend of mine preached a sermon out of Ruth 4:9 where it talks about Boaz paying the debt that his brother Elimilech  had left his family when he died. The debt was inherited by his two sons, each of which had married a woman from the country of Moab. However both of them died without any kids. This left the debt in the hands of the wives. Naomi  (Elimilech’s wife) had returned to Bethlehem with Ruth the oldest sons widow. Orpah the widow of the youngest son had decided to stay where she was in Moab.
This story gives us these characters who also represent other people. Boaz represents Jesus, Ruth is a type of the saved sinners while Orpah is a type of the lost sinners. The debt that is owed comes to us by our father Adam with his sin debt, a debt we cannot repay.
The debt was paid and Ruth was redeemed. But the question my friend brought out in the sermon was this, Did anybody tell Orpah the good news? Her debt had been cancelled completely even though she wasn’t  there. All of needs would be supplied by thus redeemed. None of it matters very much though if she never knew about the relief that was available to her.
So many Christians want to be used by God but in their own way and time. Our work ethic needs to line up with God or it may need to be worked on itself. Are we willing to do as God would have us to do, to go and tell people that the debt has been paid and that they only have to accept it to receive it? If we will follow God’s calling then we will find that He will place us in the perfect job for us. It may not be what we wanted, glamorous, or exciting but once we yield to His will we will find that we fit right in.
The choice is ours. So what is your heavenly work ethic?


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