Time is not on your side

So the other day I was listening to the news and they were talking about China’s economy. Seems a significant portion of their economic growth is due to all the construction projects they have going on. Trouble is there are practically building whole cities with little occupants. Office buildings and stores now exist that never had a tenant. They were built solely to bolster the economy. What this is doing now is causing the Chinese to adjust their currency.
People may say, so what? Here is the rub. All those trillions of debt that our government owes, most of it is owed to the Chinese. While building their economy they have been buying our debt. One day they are going to want their money back and won’t settle for more of our IOU’s.  For all intents and purposes they will have bought our country slowly over the years, while we partied and slept as a nation. A nation that has turned it’s back on God and His way of dealing with money. I don’t have time to get into God’s financial principles here so I will refer you to the book of Proverbs where much can be learned on the subject, as well as many other important subjects.
My goal at the moment is to get people thinking about the future a little. Though I normally would insert a passage of scripture here turns out that I can’t. You see America for all it’s glory and power is not found in the Bible and especially not in end times prophecy. Perhaps the argument can be made for Ezekiel 38:13 but we can’t be sure. My point is that America is one day going to fall. The average life span for a democracy is 200 years of which we set at 239.
So why bring this up? Time is running out, this world is going to end. Whats more, no one is going to live forever in this life. One day each of us will step into eternity. Some into Heaven because they accept Jesus as their savior. Most will open their eyes in Hell (Luke 16:23) because they rejected Jesus and the sacrifice He made for each of us on the cross.
My friend if you don’t know for sure if you died right now that you would go to Heaven now is the time to be sure. All you have to do is accept the fact you are a sinner who deserves to go to Hell. Confess this to Jesus believing that He will save you and ask Him to save you. He has promised that who ever calls on His name shall be saved, Romans 10:13. This might be the last chance you get to do it so please don’t put it off till later.

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