It is ok to BACK up


This is my view from where I had to park my delivery truck this morning. About a year ago a new outfit took over this nursing home (not pictured) that I was about to deliver to. When they did the new owners posted a notice that requires all employees to park on the street in back. Before this it was simple to park on the street here and both me and the food service semi could park off to the side and everybody could get through. Now that the employees must park on the street it has become a race between me and him to get there first; well more of a race on my part I suppose.
If I get there first I can still pull over some before the morning crew begins to show up to relieve the night crew. Cars can still get through and he has to stay back. If he gets there first I have to park further down and walk it, which I need the exercise anyway.
What really can’t be seen from this angle is that my wider than a car truck cannot swing around the semi like cars and pick up tricks can do. My delivery truck is too wide. So what I have to do is back up about 2/3 of the block and go around once I am done. Now you may have noticed I said 2/3 which means that there is only 1/3 on the other side of that truck, so why not back out that way or even back in from that direction?
The answer is the busy main street that is at the end of the road. Backing out wouldn’t be safe. Plus there is a school just one block over on that end of the block and kids in the area at the time, safety must come first. I could try coming to this stop at a different time but the problem becomes worse with additional cars (morning crew being more in number than night crew). Also this place is a mess the later in the day it gets, I am sure by the afternoon it has calmed down but I am off work by then. Also I am no longer in the area, though I have tried to make it work that way as well. The simplest solution is to work with what I got.
In the book of Ruth we are introduced to a family from Bethlehem. Times got hard there so they moved to Moab figuring on staying there for a little while. Instead the husband died there. Their two boys got married there but they also died there. Finally after 10 years the wife, Naomi, decided it was time to back up. The road she had been going down was just that down. She couldn’t take the suffering anymore. Here she had lost her husband, both her sons, and didn’t even have any grandkids to show for it.
One day she heard that the famine, the source of the problems, had ended back home and decided she was going back there.
When we as Christians get into trouble because of our sin rather than wait until it takes even more from us we should get back to God our Father. He is always waiting patiently for us to come back to Him. Yes He is angry at our sin but longs to forgive us if we will only ask Him too.


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