How well do you deal with frustration? I admit I don’t do too well but I am a little better with it now then I used to be.
Last week I used my home computer to get some work done saved everything and left it. Two days later my wife went to use it and it was dead. It took me a few days before I got the chance to play around with it but I did manage to finally get it up and running again.
When the printer wouldn’t work I contacted tech support who after taking over my computer found that it was in pretty bad shape. By the time they were done looking it over and giving me estimates on repair costs it was time for bed so I left it again. The next day I was off but we gave revival going on this week so I was focused on that instead and then yesterday we had errands to run so again the computer was left as is. I went to bed figuring on getting up early and emailing myself everything that was saved on the computer so I could work on it at church after work. Not going to happen. The computer was again dead.
Going quickly through the trash I found most of the notes so I can retype them but not everything is there. That is the part that really gets me. All of it really; all that work for nothing. A waste of time. They say that “this to shall pass”. For the record that saying while it seems biblical, is not.
While I was thinking about this and how it is frustrating me I thought about king David and how frustrated he must have felt when e had thought to build the temple and even gotten permission from his prophet only to have said prophet come back the next day with a message from God saying “no” to his idea (2 Samuel 7).
There wasn’t much wrong with David’s idea, it just wasn’t God’s plan. God did however allow him to make as much preparations for the temple as possible. He got to draw up the plans, gather the materials, and even set up the order of the service. In essence God showed him how to work through his moment of frustration. It may not have gone his way but it did go God’s way and that is the way that counts.
Will I be able to get the computer going again? I don’t know. It will continue to frustrate me until I get home. This is to some people not a problem, to me it is. What I must do is turn it over to the Lord and let Him take me through it. Let Him relieve my frustration. I know He will, even if it doesn’t go the way I have planned.

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