Another Fasting

This past Thursday and Friday I set about to fast and do some praying, we all need to do both (Matthew 6:16,17; Acts 13:3 as examples). It lead to a somewhat productive weekend for me.

Saturday morning after work I stopped off at a local church. I had learned a couple of weeks prior that the men gathered for Bible study on Saturday mornings. Since I had given the pastor a copy of my book (Suicide: The Bible and Today) I thought it would be good to touch base with him about it. The devotional was good as well as the fellowship.

That night we had SNLP or Saturday Night Live Preaching at our home church and I was one of the three preachers who got to preach. It was a good service for all in attendance.

On Sunday I visited a church that I had made arrangements with to present the book. The pastor there brought a good sermon on the soul and I got to present the book as planned. God had an additional reason for me being there this Sunday. After service instead of standing in the back, talking to people, and selling copies of my book a man asked if he could talk to me. I don’t know how long we spoke but it was obviously the greater need. People who wanted the book patiently waited while this man bore his soul

This brother is in bad shape. He says he is saved but the world has beaten him down. Just about every device the enemy uses to lead someone down the path of suicide has been brought to bear on him. While I did my best to help I felt it wasn’t enough, but that could just be me. Any help he did get was from God alone. Please pray for brother Scott, God knows what is needed.

Normally I don’t make it to evening service because of my job, but I had already determined to visit another church in the area that has an afternoon service. I got the chance to speak with the pastor there about my book and he said he would look it over and let me know about coming and presenting it. The service was great and he preached a fiery sermon on being around Jesus, Amen!

I titled this blog another fast because I am accidentally doing a fast on Monday. When I had gotten to work I realized that I had left my smart phone at home. So I didn’t have access to it’s features, features I may not normally use right (i. e. too much time on Facebook). So everything that I have written down here was actually written on pen and paper Monday and typed up Tuesday. Old school baby!!! Normally I would use the voice recorder app and dictate my thoughts, but no phone. I think one of the benefits though is that my mind has been freed up to hear the Holy Spirit better. This is actually the second blog I had written down yesterday and I wrote down a great thought for something else entirely that I hadn’t really been working on.

Not all fasting is from food, though that is the primary thing we observe a fast over. But all fasting should be from what may stand between us and God. Is the Holy Ghost trying to tell us something?


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