No labor on Labor Day

I had planned on getting some work done around the house today. Get the lawn mowed, check on air conditioner in the wife’s car, etc. My plans got changed last night at church. After a good day and even a good start to service I suddenly found myself in extreme pain. I miss stepped and hurt the tendon in the arch of my foot. 
Every step was like walking on broken glass. At least it didn’t include any bleeding. This morning however the pain while not as bad was still present. Consequently I have had my foot up all day. Maybe I can do the lawn on Wednesday.
How often does that happen to us? We have plans and then, boom! Plans go out the window. Often we view it as a bad thing but there are many times when it is a good thing.
Take for example when Jesus came one day to teach the people and had Peter launch his fishing boat out a little from shore show that the people could better hear Jesus teach them (Luke 5:1-11).
Peter was content to earn a living as a fisherman but Jesus came along and radically changed his plans. His vocation went from fisherman to fisher of men. By the time his labor was done in this life God had used Peter greatly.
Doing the work of the Lord only comes with days off that we insist on taking. Where we choose to sit down on God and not work. God wants us to always be about His business (Luke 2:49).
Our labor includes praying, reading/studying His word, witnessing, singing, serving in whatever area He has called us into. Are we taking time off from Him? He doesn’t from us.


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