Wanting something else

At one of my stops there is a sink in the washroom that 99 put of 100 times has the most perfect hot water. It is the temperature that feels so therapeutic no matter how hot or cold it is outside. Usually I look forward to washing my hands under it’s steady stream.
Today however I really wanted it to be that 1 out of 100 where it would be cold. I am just that hot today. At this point I should add that the faucet has a sensor to turn it on or off and no adjusting for flow or temp. It was its usual temperature and I really wanted something else.
While I did not welcome it it did do it’s job of getting my hands clean. Often we don’t get what we want.
I can’t help but think about Jesus and how He doesn’t always get what He wants. Revelation 3:15 says “I know thy works, that thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.” He wanted this church in Laodicea to be one thing or the other, instead they were just blending in. One “extreme” or the other and you can do something with it. But to be just lukewarm is so compromised, unfulfilled, and defeated. This church had surrendered without firing a single shot.
Jesus is not looking for bench warmers, people who are saved and just waiting for heaven, those who think serving Him is someone else’s business, or any other such nonsense. He wants us all to be busy. Don’t let Him go to the “tap” of your heart and find lukewarmness. If you aren’t on fire for Him pray that he would set you on fire for Him. You just need to be willing and trust me, that is the hardest part.


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