Where were you?

The song asked the question, where you when the world stopped turning. Fourteen years ago I was home in bed. The week before I was at a friends place helping to drain the water out of a paddle boat. The pontoons had leaked and it sat low in the water as a result. The fella had a sixteen foot wood beam that we used to prop the front of the boat up with once we got it out of the water. I had been standing toward the front when without warning the beam slipped and came crashing down on my left ankle. Thought for sure it was broke, it hurt so bad. X-rays came back negative and I tried to go back to work the next day. Walking around on the concrete was murder on my ankle so I went home and got a doctors note to take the next two weeks off.
Of course the following week things changed. I lived in the basement of a friends house and had installed an electronic doorbell that in case they needed me they could ring. The night before I had stayed up late so when that doorbell rang out so early in the morning I was mad. The first thing that came to mind was that someone had better be dead. Upon my arrival upstairs I ate my words. I arrived in time for the confusion caused by people not being sure at first if there was now new footage of the plane hitting the tower or if it was a second plane. Quickly we learned it was a second plane.
For a few moments our country cane together. We were all Americans. Jokes were even cracked about how even the mob was helping in the clean up. Songs were sung and blood was given. But we never thought it could happen to us, here on our own soil.
In Jeremiah we read of another national tragedy. One that no one believed could happen on their own soil to them, but it did. God had sent warnings through His prophets for years but they were ignored. Now Jerusalem had fallen. The people were taken into exile. Three times Jerusalem had been attacked and defeated. Twice before some of her people were carried off as prisoners and the rest told to behave themselves but they refused all warnings.
God has limits to His grace and mercy. He will punish eventually. The longer it takes for it to come though the worse it will be. He begs for His people to turn from their sin and repent. Will we? Where will we be the next time He sends a wake up call?


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