Down, but still moving forward

Psalms 3:3 “But thou, oh Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of my head.”
In order to fully, truly realize what the psalmist is saying here one must have gone to the place, if not still be in the place, and even been in this place many times. Today I am writing from such a place.
I do not mean to come off as depressed, discouraged, doubting, or any other “d” word (lol). Sometimes this whole book thing can bring all that on and much more. I knew going in that selling the book would be an uphill battle. For me being a first time writer is a major hurdle to over come. My sphere of influence is not huge by any stretch of the imagination, which limits my ability to get the word out there. Also the very topic puts a damper on sales. People are not very comfortable talking about suicide.
With that being said I know that writing this book, Suicide: The Bible and Today, is of the Lord. I would not have been able to write it without Him. Many times along the way He has provided me with resources I wouldn’t have found on my own and there is so many instances of encouragement that He sent my way at just the right time. And for the record who sets out to write their first book on the topic of suicide anyway???
Last night I got another answer of no thank you from a pastor. It was disappointing but what can I do? I thanked him for thinking about it and gave it to the Lord. Time to move on to another pastor.
The “no” part isn’t the hard part though, it is the part where so many try to give me a pocket veto. The pocket veto is simply a matter of instead of saying “no”  the person simply chooses to put the matter in their “pocket” and forget about it. For politicians this is a matter of not acting on a bill and just waiting for the session to end which kills the bill that way. For a writer it is the individual hoping the writer will either give up or take the silence as an answer of “no”. Sorry to say I am tone deaf so I have to be told “no” otherwise I just assume they got too busy. I am not trying to bad mouth any body at all, just explaining myself.
Why am I explaining myself then? Because I believe God. He has sent me down this pass, He will supply my every need, and it is solely up to Him to do it because I can’t. There is no shame in admitting that at all. As the verse said Jesus is my shield or source of protection from all the enemy throws my way, especially in regards to this book. All the glory that comes from it is His, I can’t do anything without Him. Since He is the lifter up of my head, Jesus is the encourager that will carry me through it all! In fact that verse states “the lifter up of my head” that word ‘up’ is very important. Without it the verse says the ‘lifter of my head’ that kinda of leans toward the idea of having your head removed from your shoulders or in other words being executed.
God isn’t looking to crush us for trying to serve Him. He does want to use us to our full potential. Sometimes Christians will die in the service of their Saviour, but in all honesty He is looking for us to live for Him.
So when things don’t go our way, realize that it didn’t catch Him by surprise, and turn it over to Him so you can keep going the way He has sent you.
To God be the glory.


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