I was at the doctors office today and in the exam room was this big window with the blinds closed. Since I was waiting for him I let my curiosity get to me and I peeked out the window. I know, I am such a bad dude lol. Any how what I saw was the landscape between the building I was in over toward the next building. It was pretty. A couple of nicely formed trees, lush grass, and some strategically placed large rocks. Someone had taken their time and paid attention to the detail on this landscaping project. When was the last time a visitor stopped to appreciate it?


Details make up everything yet we tend to ignore them. We love when are movies are perfect (thanks to the details) and any novel worth it’s salt not only carries a good plot but is rich in details. Details tell story, for that matter they sell the story.
Before I went to my doctors appointment I was reading in Genesis chapters 1-3. In chapter 1 we are given God’s account of Him bringing everything into existence. In chapter 3 we are given the details surrounding man’s fall into sin and the first promise of a Saviour. Sandwiched in between is a more detailed account of the creation of mankind. How he was made, where he was made, and even why woman was made. Before God made Eve He had Adam name all of the animals, each with his mate. Finally Adam realized there was no one for him. God used these little details of male and female and the process of naming them to teach Adam that it was not good for him to be alone and that for his species to continue he needed his own mate.
I could go into more detail about these three chapters but for now that will do. God bless.



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