We got done with our church service early on Sunday, I got to fill in for a pastor friend of mine who had hurt his back and their service usually wraps up by noon. So once we were done we headed over to another local assembly that was having their 66th annual homecoming service. While I have never been a member here I have had the privilege of attending many services here, revivals, special singings, homecomings, etc. There used to be three churches in this area that would pool their members together to do an Easter play and a Christmas play. Unfortunately this is the only one of the three left, but they are still here.
These homecoming services are a joy to attend. You get to see people you haven’t seen in a while, meet new people, enjoy some good singing, maybe some preaching, and good food. My wife, who was raised catholic, says that baptist women know how to cook. This years turn out wasn’t as big so we ended up bringing home five to-go plates which we shared with our neighbor.
In the Bible God gave Israel a number of feasts. These were to bring the people together and celebrate their God and what He has done for them. Psalms 120-134 are all psalms of degrees or songs the people would sing as they made their way up to Jerusalem for one of the big feasts. While singing these songs on their way to this particular “homecoming” they would be preparing their hearts to seek God and to receive what He had for them.
1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 talks about the ultimate homecoming. When Jesus comes and calls all those who are saved home to be with Him. We refer to this as the rapture, though the word does not appear in the Bible. We will all be called out (those who have accept Jesus as their Savior) and both those who have already died and those who are still alive will be caught up into the clouds and next stop Heaven. I for one am looking forward to it, how about you?


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