Point Of View


What do you see in this photo? A child sitting in a wheel chair? The shadow that is being cast? The ramp ahead possibly leading to the car across the street? How about the shadow in the lower portion?
What you are looking at is my daughter preparing to get on the bus to go to school and that second shadow is mine. Daddy watching out for daughter. The road lies before her.
She is heading off to school having to not only learn but participate in physically therapy to help her walk some. The chair is holding her as secure as possible for the bus trip. What if I told you that you were missing the most important detail. That because of you point of view there is one little thing that means the world to this child? On her shirt she wears everyday a pin that she received at her Nana Brenda’s funeral. With it on she feels like her Nana Brenda is always with her. They aren’t related, they just adopted each other. From her point of view the pin helps her get by.
In Luke 7 John the Baptist sent a couple of disciples to double check to make sure that Jesus really was who John thought He was. In response Jesus performed a bunch of miracles to validate John’s belief. Once they left to report back Jesus asked His disciples what they had originally gone out into the wilderness to see, when they had first heard about John. In verse 25 Jesus called John a man’s man, in v26 more than just a prophet (which is a big deal in of itself), and in v27 Jesus said that John fulfilled the prophecy of Malachi 4:5,6 as the forerunner for Christ. Far more was going on then what they thought they saw.
John the Baptist was now in jail for preaching the truth and would soon be executed. He was having a moment of doubt and fear but rather than cling to them he turned to very God and asked for help. From where he was he could see a little bit but needed a clearer picture, and Jesus gave it to him.
There are times that what we can’t see is important and enough so so as that it is for the best if we ask about it. We may uncover some pain but in so doing bring needed relief. Perhaps we see a little detail that no one else cares about but a child holds onto for dear life. It maybe the assurance we need for ourselves to face the trial that lies ahead.


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