This I do recall

Genesis 41:9 “Then spake the chief butler unto Pharaoh, saying, I do remember my faults this day”. This morning I too was remembering some of my faults. One thing that I am positive about is that I am not a perfect Christian by any stretch of the imagination. Of course no one is but for right now I am just going to pick on myself.
There was a time when I walked away from the Lord, thank God He didn’t walk away from me. It was about a 10 year run. I had been saved since I was eight and had answered the call to preach at age 15. By the time I was 19 I was disenfranchised with church. Too much time spent focusing on the people and not enough on the things of God.
We had just elected a new pastor, one in fact who on day one told me to always come ready because he might tell me I was preaching that day. He did do that to me a couple of times in the three months or so after he was made pastor. It was as if he had handed me the golden goose and I was so mentally checked out from church that instead of seizing the opportunity I slaughtered the goose. With him being pastor I felt there was no need for me to stick around anymore and I dropped out of church.
Once I got right with God and back into church I found I was greatly blessed by God to still be a preacher. As such I have tried my best to encourage my fellow preachers; so that they don’t walk the same path that I have. That is asking a lot though because each one of them is also human and has his own free will. I even have mine own free will and feelings which can be hurt. These work against me and far too often I have to remember my faults this day. The Lord uses that remembrance to being me back to where I need to be. Kinda like the white line on the road and those rumble strips that are on the other side. Stay on the correct side or the rumble strips will wake you up!


Today is a rumble strip kind of day. Haven’t exactly been feeling very spiritual the last day or so. Been thinking about some men who have been called to preach and where they are now and that has also brought me lower. Afraid I don’t understand why some would choose to ignore the warnings given them, I see where they are headed but they have to answer for themselves. One brother has truly lost his way and his family. Some have declared that they never were really called to preach; while other have converted to a very sinful lifestyle. I am not trying to beat anyone up I certainly have my own sins to deal with. So with that in mind I shall do my best to continue to try and encourage those around me. Whether they hear or not is up to them. I do recall how I didn’t hear of anyone trying to do that for me, though my mother was constantly praying for her backslidden son every where she went. It would have been nice for someone to have at least told me they thought about me. Is there someone you know of who is crossing over that white line on the highway of life? Perhaps God wants to use you today to be there rumble strip, reminding them of where the road really is.


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