Making a difference

Jude 1:22 “And of some have compassion, making a difference”. I would like to focus on the last half of that verse “making a difference”. In so doing I must ask myself honestly, have I made a difference? Earlier today I saw a sign that read “If you haven’t made a difference with your presence, then your leaving won’t make of a difference either.” While I imagine this was meant to be in regards to a relationship it is a good self check in all things we do in our lives.
Would my family miss me if I disappeared would hopefully be a yes. How about work? Until they got someone else trained. Would my church family miss me if I left; that might depend more on how big a church you belonged too. After all if we are talking a couple of thousand people it would be easier to “fly under the radar” verses a church of a couple of dozen.
How about putting it this way, why would you be missed? Proverbs 18:24 “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly…” not that the person is trying to be in charge of everything and would therefore be missed because of the vacuum created by their absence. More of because the person has tried to make an impact in the lives around them. Granted there are some things we won’t learn about until heaven. For that matter we shouldn’t be trying to seek out the glory of knowing just what we have done. We should just be trying to do our best for Christ and His kingdom.
Yeah it gets hard at times because we do want to feel a little appreciated and it just doesn’t look like anyone cares. God however is keeping score.
This book I have written deals with suicide. The goal is to take what we can learn from the individuals who died by suicide in the Bible, learn what brought them to that point of suicide, and merge it with our modern understanding of suicide so that we can help people before they come to the point where they believe suicide is the best only option. Those who have read the book have enjoyed it and said they have learned from it. Many however have seemingly only heard the word “suicide” and want nothing to do with it. For them all I can honestly say is I tried. A couple of other people have sent me notes saying how it impacted them and for me to keep pushing forward.
I don’t know where the Lord is going to take me by way of this book but I pray that as I go I make some sort of a difference.



One thought on “Making a difference

  1. I like this post. One line strikes me: “If you haven’t made a difference with your presence, your leaving won’t make of a difference either.” I would add that it is better in this case to leave. If nobody will miss me if I leave then what am I doing there? Thank you for sharing this.


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